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Gaughan Companies Construction

Experts in Construction

Gaughan Construction takes a personalized interest in every project we take on in the Twin Cities metro region. Our collaborative approach involves you, our architect, engineers and construction managers to create a visionary design that translates your ideas into a finished success.

As a licensed general contractor, Gaughan Construction is known for integrity and dependability with a commitment to clients to build their investment visions. We provide construction management processes from site prep and coordination of the entire project all the way through site supervision and safety assurance.

Design - Build

Gaughan Construction ensures clear lines of communication, controlled costs and an efficient project schedule. Building for success, our Design-Build process creates a streamlined approach to completing your construction project.

Gaughan Companies Commercial Development

Pre-Construction Services

We know you are excited about your new construction project, and so are we. However, the foundation for success begins with our thorough pre-construction assessment. This phase of Gaughan Construction builds is essential to ensure project success!

Construction Management

Our team of professionals has the pleasure of building all types of projects around the Twin Cities region. We have the expertise to lead on every aspect of the process, including facilitating materials and equipment to providing the labor at both the design and construction phases.

Gaughan Companies Construction