Gaughan Companies is proud to have been selected for a profile in the Summer 2014 edition of DDC Journal. Interviewing Patrick Gaughan, the article focuses on the relationships Gaughan Companies builds as a full-service real estate company.

Here are a few quotes from Patrick Gaughan from the article:

“We try to identify needs and people’s needs and how we can help them to focus on that in the long-term perspective.”

“With our employees, we try to work on the relationship side so that we can make a way of life for people the best we can.”

“What people like about us is we are not a publicly traded, large company. We are efficient, so when we do approach something, people that work here know each other well. We usually get to know the client’s needs well, and they can trust to deliver on what they need.”


Read the full article on pages 106 and 107 of the DDC Journal here: