Minnesota Construction Industry on the Rise?

In April of 2016, Minnesota added 7,400 employment opportunities with great thanks to the development and construction industries. Statistics indicate a solid increase in development projects throughout Minnesota over the past several months. The construction industry is currently booming with this month having the largest increase in production within the past 25 years. These factors attribute to Minnesota’s lowering unemployment rate which is now approximately 3.7%, and a 1.7% increase in job growth over the past year. Specifically in the Minneapolis and St. Paul region, employment growth increased by 1.8%. These trends help to provide a positive outlook for what the future of construction may hold.

U.S. Bank Stadium Complete

Vikings fans unite in celebration of the completion of the U.S. Bank Stadium! On June 17th, 2016, Mortenson Construction was proud to announce that the stadium had been finalized six weeks prior to the scheduled completion date, and is now ready for business. The U.S. Bank Stadium boasts architectural beauty, as it was designed to reflect a modern day Vikings ship.

The grand opening ceremony is currently scheduled for July 22nd, 2016. The ceremony will be followed by a weekend long festival that will include fun festivities for the whole family!

We are proud to recognize this achievement as a historic milestone in the Twin Cities.