5 Tips for a Greener Construction Site

Happy Earth Day! We do our best to be mindful stewards of our materials and resources. Here are some tips to a greener construction site.

  1. Sort recyclable and non-recyclable used materials. Then, dispose and recycle these materials properly.
  2. Take good care and manage the use of your equipment. In order to save energy, don’t leave it running if it isn’t being used.
  3. Encourage accountability among a construction crew. During our weekly construction team meetings, our Superintendent will ask for each Foreman to have their crews clean up after themselves.
  4. Take initiative to complete environmentally conscious certifications. These certifications ensure that your business is educated in best practices for environmental safety, etc.
  5. At Gaughan, we make every effort to remove and dewater our construction sites effectively and responsibly, using the best methods while keeping the environment in mind.