Artist’s Dream Comes True in Uptown

In November of 2016, Gaughan Construction began work on a new glass blowing studio in Minneapolis for Legacy Glassworks. A few short months later, in January, the studio was ready for a grand opening.

Josh Wilken-Simon, owner of Legacy Glassworks, chose Gaughan Construction to build the new studio because our project manager was the only contractor out of the ones that bid on the project who understood the complexity of the studio’s HVAC needs. Without knowing that Gaughan would win the bid, he drove up to Duluth to examine the system in the first studio.

Wilken-Simon began his studio in Duluth originally because of the artistic community. He spent six years there to confirm that only selling glass from the studio or from artists he knew personally would be fruitful. Wilken-Simon became interested in glass blowing in high school and hopes to be able to teach young artists this craft. Minneapolis was chosen as the location for the second studio in an effort to expand their clientele and share the art of local glass blowers with a greater audience.

Legacy Glassworks Legacy Glassworks Studio

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