While every provider has slightly different rules when it comes to snow removal, here are a few general guidelines to keep in mind during the winter season:

Trigger Depth: 

Each association will decide their trigger depth for when the provider will begin services but on average, trigger depth is 1.5” to 2”. 


An open-up is when the snowfall has accumulated more than 4” to 5” (and hasn’t yet stopped) prior to the morning or evening commute.  An open-up is a pass or two of the plow on the walkway side of the driveway and middle of the private streets.  This is done to allow emergency vehicles access.  Open-ups do not include snow removal from the sidewalks.  One the snow has stopped, the provider will return to do a thorough cleanup of the contracted areas.

Blizzard Conditions: 

During blizzard conditions, any time winds exceed 25 to 35 MPH or temperatures/wind-chill are below -15 degrees F, the deadline for shoveling services will be extended until conditions are safe.  In many cases, if MN Dot closes freeways due to inclement conditions, the provider will resume once it is safe to travel.

Parked Vehicles: 

Often times driveways and/or other areas with vehicles parked in them during snow removal services will be skipped.  Some providers will remove snow from the driveway with a parked vehicle but will stop 2 feet away from the vehicle.  If the provider is asked to return to plow these areas at a later date, there will likely be an additional charge for this service.

Proper Communication: 

It is important to keep in mind that communication to the snow removal crews must go through the proper channels.  The crews in the field are instructed to only take direction from their supervisor and supervisors communicate through the assigned community contact, which is the community manager and/or an assigned board member.