You’ve heard the expression “Hindsight is 20/20.”  Of course what this means is that with the benefit of looking back at something that has already happened, you’re much more likely to make the right decision at the critical time than you are when you’re looking ahead to something that’s about to happen – especially when it comes to financial matters.

Gaughan Companies is in the habit of raising the bar, so to speak.  While everyone else is busy looking backwards and analyzing what they could have done differently, we’re looking forward.  Indeed, at Gaughan Companies we take pride in our 20/20 foresight.   While nobody can be absolutely certain about what the future holds, we have a proven methodology for producing consistently safe and reliable recommendations.  In fact, our clients have tremendous confidence in our ability to help them with the financial planning aspect of their needs, primarily because our three-pronged approach is as powerful as it is simple.

When we work with clients, we explain that our approach to the financial management aspect of commercial and residential real estate includes intense focus on accounting, budgeting, and financial analysis – all three elements are critical and each is governed by a basic principle:

  • Accounting:  We will always be on the cutting edge of technology, taking full advantage of the latest software.
  • Budgeting:  We are steadfastly committed to setting realistic goals and then staying within them.
  • Financial Analysis:  As investors ourselves, we understand and appreciate the importance of values-based decision-making.

It’s nothing fancy and it isn’t rocket science.  Like so many other aspects of business, financial matters require certain principles – like discipline, consistency, and above all else, values-based judgment.  And success in this arena is a function of consistent application of those time-tested principles.