Synergy is achieved when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  A classic example of synergy is a symphony orchestra.  A group of violinists can make Beethoven’s 9th sound pretty.  So can a group of cellists or a group of clarinets.  But when you put all of the instruments together, each playing a specific role in the overtones and undertones and harmony of the piece, the result is a version of Beethoven’s 9th that is mind-numbingly and breathtakingly beautiful.

At Gaughan Companies we apply the same principles to our business model.  And while watching us work may not be quite as breathtaking as listening to Beethoven’s 9th, we certainly are engaged in ongoing synergy.  From Apartment Leasing to Commercial Construction, from Property Management to Facilities Maintenance, and from Commercial Sales & Leasing to Association Management, Gaughan Companies has a richly layered business acumen that crosses many different capabilities and disciplines.

Our myriad capabilities and competencies in varied disciplines are what make Gaughan Companies’ synergy possible.  For example, the vendor and subcontractor relationships we’ve established and nurtured in the commercial construction facet of our firm are significant assets for our property managers and facilities maintenance professionals.  Similarly, our commercial sales & leasing staff offer tremendous support and guidance to our apartment leasing employees.

When working with a commercial real estate outfit, it’s common for costs to rise and competencies to deteriorate when outsourcing becomes necessary.  Since the full slate of services is offered under one big green Gaughan umbrella, rising costs and diminishing returns are routinely avoided – and just as a symphony of instruments produces a richer, more beautiful sound than any one instrument can produce on its own, a real estate firm offering the full spectrum of services inspires confidence and offers competencies unparalleled in our industry.