There’s Magic in a Mission

Gaughan Companies Mission Statement

When my leadership team and I were determining our Mission Statement, it was important to us that we not only convey what we do, but that we care about our clients.

Our Mission Statement is simple but not simplistic:

“We care for people’s real estate interests through Construction, Brokerage, Development, Management and Maintenance.”

Real estate is where life happens, where business is conducted or a family resides. We do not just care for the real estate, we care for the real people who occupy those places.

Our Mission Statement not only says what we do, but it keeps our team laser focused on our purpose and commitment to our clients, which is where the magic really happens!

In the article below my good friend and business colleague Chris Naylor talks about the importance of having a Mission Statement in her blog ‘There’s Magic in a Mission!’ I am confident that if you have not already found your mission this article will give you direction on where to start!

Patrick Gaughan

There is Magic in a Mission!


Do Good For Your Community

Gaughan Companies - Do Good For Your Community

Patrick Gaughan of the Gaughan Companies recently sat down and talked with the Real Estate Journal and discussed his reasons for success in the competitive world of commercial real estate.  On why community and keeping the best people around him has been part of his successes:

“So much of my success has been because I’m able to keep my clients with me year after year. I do try to spend a lot of time with them, a lot of time trying to understand their needs and goals. Every year, we host a fishing trip for our clients. We all go out and catch some salmon. That’s fun. But the key is to help your clients do more business. That is what they are all looking for. Say we have a tenant who needs SBA financing for a business. We will refer that client to a banker that we know will do a good job. That banker then refers us business. It’s about being useful to your clients.”

Click here to read the full article from the Real Estate Journal!

Gaughan Companies Profiled in the Summer 2014 Issue of DDC Journal

Gaughan Companies is proud to have been selected for a profile in the Summer 2014 edition of DDC Journal. Interviewing Patrick Gaughan, the article focuses on the relationships Gaughan Companies builds as a full-service real estate company.

Here are a few quotes from Patrick Gaughan from the article:

“We try to identify needs and people’s needs and how we can help them to focus on that in the long-term perspective.”

“With our employees, we try to work on the relationship side so that we can make a way of life for people the best we can.”

“What people like about us is we are not a publicly traded, large company. We are efficient, so when we do approach something, people that work here know each other well. We usually get to know the client’s needs well, and they can trust to deliver on what they need.”


Read the full article on pages 106 and 107 of the DDC Journal here:

Devotion on Display: Gaughan Companies Exhibits at the 2013 Rediscover: Catholic Celebration

On Saturday Oct. 12 we at Gaughan Companies had the privilege of attending the sold out 2013 Rediscover: Catholic Celebration. Rediscover is a great opportunity for community members and local businesses to come together and share experiences.


Be on the lookout for the new community service projects we’ll be taking on this year. The Gaughan team likes to stay active, so keep checking back to stay in the loop.

Gaughan Companies Teams up with Feed My Starving Children

Since its founding in 1987, Feed My Starving Children has given hope to millions of the world’s hungry. In early 2012, Feed My Starving Children passed a milestone: 600 million meals produced over its history. This charity’s successes can be seen through the dramatic changes in numbers of meals produced, volunteers that participated, employees at work, partners lending funds & growth of their annual budget.

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Food for the Poor: A Gaughan Companies Annual Tradition

This holiday season, Gaughan Companies is pleased to once again support Food for the Poor, the largest international relief and development organization in the United States.  Sharing a portion of our company’s success with Food for the Poor is something that unites the entire Gaughan Companies team and spreads excitement about the relief we can offer through our donations.

“Hope means hoping when things are hopeless, or it is no virtue at all.
And faith means believing the incredible, or it is no virtue at all.”

G.K. Chesterton

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The Importance of Giving Back

Gaughan Companies is one of the most successful real estate brokerage firms in the Twin Cities.  We do not take our success for granted – we know that without the support and trust of the very communities we call home we wouldn’t be enjoying consistent growth and ongoing success.  And that is why giving back to these communities is an integral component of our business strategy and a core value of our business model.

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