Gaughan Companies - Do Good For Your Community

Patrick Gaughan of the Gaughan Companies recently sat down and talked with the Real Estate Journal and discussed his reasons for success in the competitive world of commercial real estate.  On why community and keeping the best people around him has been part of his successes:

“So much of my success has been because I’m able to keep my clients with me year after year. I do try to spend a lot of time with them, a lot of time trying to understand their needs and goals. Every year, we host a fishing trip for our clients. We all go out and catch some salmon. That’s fun. But the key is to help your clients do more business. That is what they are all looking for. Say we have a tenant who needs SBA financing for a business. We will refer that client to a banker that we know will do a good job. That banker then refers us business. It’s about being useful to your clients.”

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