At Gaughan Companies, we provide professional expertise in commercial real estate services and community association property management. Whether client assignments are large or small, we evaluate each assignment from the perspective of the principal, always striving to provide unsurpassed professionalism and comprehensive commercial real estate services.

CORFAC is an international alliance of entrepreneurial commercial real estate firms that is distinguished by the way it manages multi-market commercial real estate assignments on behalf of corporate entities and privately owned companies. It is comprised of privately held entrepreneurial firms with expertise in a wide range of commercial and residential real estate-related disciplines.  Gaughan Companies owner Patrick Gaughan describes CORFAC this way: “It’s a whole lot of companies like ours networking, sharing relationships, and trying to deliver a company that succeeds for our clients.”

A Perfect Match?

The partnership between Gaughan and CORFAC offers a couple of distinct advantages for clients of both firms.

Because CORFAC provides its affiliates with the ability to refer business back and forth between markets, it has given Gaughan Companies the opportunity to better serve our clients with real estate needs in markets outside the Twin Cities.  It gives us a global reach.  In exchange, Gaughan Companies provides CORFAC with its only Twin Cities affiliate.  In other words, we give the East Coast-based CORFAC a little injection of what has come to be known as “Minnesota Nice.”

Together, Gaughan Companies and CORFAC make a heck of a team, and we would love to fold you into the mix. Contact us today to learn more about how the combination of Gaughan Companies and Corfac can give you the advantage you’re looking for.