While many people are hesitant when faced with a change, real estate developers welcome change and are always up for a challenge; it comes with the territory.  At a development site, people can generally only see that a building is worn down and beyond use, but they don’t want to let go of what once was.

An artistic, visionary developer can see beyond what may currently be there.  They recognize the potential in a worn down building, if it can be repurposed instead of demolished. But sometimes, a building is just beyond repair.  It is a developer’s job to discover a greater purpose for the site that far exceeds the community benefits of what was once there.

Developers face many challenges and are frequently stereotyped, but they are willing to take high risks to promote community growth and reward.  The right developer will select a site design that is not only right on the inside but focuses attention to the exterior.  Opposition to developers are often concerned about what the appearance of the building will be.  Most developers don’t understand this, but this is the approach that Gaughan Companies takes.

A recent article in the Star Tribune looks into the increase in development in the Twin Cities. Contact one of our development or brokerage experts at Gaughan Companies, and let them put their proven skills and expertise to work for you on your next project.

-Patrick Gaughan