In a resounding display of athleticism, tenacity and coordination, the Gaughan Companies team embarked on a perilous journey to Trollhaugen Ariel Park.


Today’s real estate market is only fit for the nimble and the resolute. We view these outings as an essential component of the Gaughan Companies training regimen. We expect nothing but the greatest in rigor and cunning from our Brokers, Technicians, and Property Managers and this facility is their proving ground.

“We’ve thrived for over 40 years by knowing and attracting high caliber talent. My team crosses gorges for me, so I know they will for our customers.” -Patrick Gaughan

The valor on display that day in Dresser, Wisconsin proved to all of us that there is no challenge, ariel or otherwise, that we can’t all meet head on. We welcome every opportunity test our mettle against the new real estate landscape as it continues to unfold for all of us.

Contact Us and see what obstacles we can overcome for you.