As you look out your window you may have noticed the leaves changing colors or have felt the crisp fall air in the mornings. Of course, we all know what comes next….snow! As we gear up over the next couple of weeks to get our kids and grandkids prepared for Halloween, here are a few useful reminders to prepare your home and association for winter:

-If traveling south for the winter remember to turn off your water and outside spigots, turn on your heat and maybe have a neighbor check in occasionally.

-All downspout extensions on driveways should be removed or put up to reduce plow damage.

-Report Ice Dams sooner rather than later. Ice Dams are much easier to maintain before they grow into something far more difficult to remove. One potential solution is to have added insulation and ventilation in your attic area.

-If you have any decorative ornaments make sure they are out of the reach of the sidewalk area. This will reduce or eliminate the potential of damage as vendors remove snow from the sidewalk area.

Almost all homeowner associations face the same challenges throughout the winter. The main challenge is making sure your snow vendor is getting out to your association in an appropriate amount of time after a snow fall. The best thing to do is check with your community manager or board on the terms of the vendor’s contract. Most snow vendors work with more than one association and work diligently to make sure they are getting each and every property to ensure owners are able to get in and out of their driveways with ease.

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Have a safe and happy Halloween!